Gold_Dragon{TSU} (gold_dragontsu) wrote,

A Plee for Civilized Behavior

Dear World and Society,

You're getting it completely wrong when your population is assulting itself. Actual examples:

  • Flying occupied planes into occupied buildings

  • Attacking operating vehicles of mass transit

  • Shooting students at school

  • Exploding bombs at a public race

  • Punching a soccer referee in the face after he gave you a yellow card, causing a coma that ultimately kills him.

One of our local Deacons very wisely pointed out that our pro-abortion society is quick to exonerate itself and make arguments that promote its agenda of "freedom" without fully and rationally considering the implications of its position. To summarize his observations, he stated that legalizing abortion means that instead of nurturing life from its most fragile state, our society is saying that we can destroy it for the sake of convenience. "I want to have sex, but I don't want to be pregnant", as if we are entitled to sex just because we have a sexual drive? If that's a valid argument, aren't people likewise entitled to kill each other just because they have animalistic, competitive tendencies?

Are we going to be animals, or are we going to be civilized human beings? The Deacon argued that people aren't stupid. They'll observe what our culture allows and supports. A person observes society supporting abortion and sees no difference between that and murdering children at school. If one is okay, what makes the other not okay?

The argument that contraceptives and abortions prevent overpopulation is another semi-truth that plants further false truths into the minds of society. Suppose we could visit with a family member who lost a loved one in any of the recent tragedies we've experienced. Who would have the nerve to look that family member in the eye and tell them about overpopulation and that limiting the number of living people on the planet is a good thing? Even if the world is overpopulated, are contraception and abortions the right solution? Isn't it just the least bit frightening to live in a world that's so sexually crazed that we can't restrain ourselves from having sex whenever we want? Instead, we have to depend on unnatural means or infanticide in order that we can continue to freely fulfill our desires?

We can't casually support viewpoints that promote our animalistic tendencies if we expect to avoid tragedies that run counter to civilized reasoning. Until we decide to actively restrain our desires for the good of society, we have no right to expect anyone else to behave in a civilized manner.

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